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Is Tyrion into a trouble? Watch New Trailer of GOT S7

Put everything aside. Fuck this world.
There is a new trailer of Game of thrones, season 7. You gonna love this because this is going to give you a large shot of adrenaline and that too, organic.
The moment when it has confirmed in no way Cersei is going to stop her malicious intentions to win every kingdom. Jaime is still with her, her true love. Watching both of them you will be falling in their incestuous love. Such incests they are.
Last Lannisters, proud northerners, Carzy Targeryen and the Sand snakes. More stuffs are waiting for you in this season.
“Oh my gawd, Grey worm got a chance to get laid with Missandei. R.R Martin has to take a bow. Finally we can see Yara and Ellaria sand with each other in lesbian mode. We all know Yara is what and Ellaria is a bisexual. So, by this we can calculate the love.
So, our Targeryen queen has stormed over Dragonstone with her all fighting men and Dragons.
But, why our lion Tyrion is roaming around on a mountain when everyone is in war?
Dragons and dragons but also there are dead walking in trailer. So be ready to see the flares and flesh.
Jon and Littlefinger are busy in arguments and hitting and kicking under the Winterfell (basement).
So, Melisandre, the red witch has gone nowhere but still in the seven kingdom. I can speculate she is in the Dragonstone. Only I can hope.
By the way watch this with your chin up. Because this is a Game of Thrones.


Patience, Whispers, and Power

Game of Thrones- Lord Varys

‘Lord Varys, the master of Whisperers and a councillor of small council at the King’s landing.’

‘I ain’t a lord, so don’t address me as a lord.’

A small boy from Myr, whose master sold him to a sorcerer for gold and the sorcerer, performed his rituals by cutting him, only to hear voices.
Bloodied kid (Varys) was thrown into the streets to die.

“Some doors close forever, others open in most unexpected places.”

Varys determined to live by doing anything. He did every possible and impossible thing to save his life. He started selling his remaining parts for the sexual use. He became perfect in stealing things.

One day, young Varys realised a whisper could be used as a weapon on time and sometimes whisper could make you rich.

He became “the master of whisperer”.

“I am the master of whisperers. My role is to be sly, obsequious, and without scruples.”

After becoming the spider, his name flew through the streets of free cities to slums and then landed on the chair of small council at Kings’s landing.

“The birds sing in the west, the birds sing in the east, if one knows how to listen to it.”

He plays with words and stories. He does what a situation wants from him. He is not a manipulator but he is a player fast enough to play against his enemies.

He knew Ned stark was falsely convicted and caged in the cell.

He went up to him and offered him water and he also told him that he couldn’t do anything for Ned because kings guards had swords in their hands and I didn’t want to lose my head.

He believes in taking revenge but he also knows that a man should be patient enough while making any move.

“Influence grows like a weed. I tended mine patiently.”

He left king’s landing with Tyrion Lannister while saving him after the murder of Tywin Lannister.
He had the idea where to go at the time of distress- To Daenerys Targaryen.

He said what- “I serve the realm.”

Whosoever comes to power, Lord Varys will flow with the power because for him power resides where men believe it resides.

He was with Targaryen then after Robert’s rebellion, he came with him and then after the death of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon, he started his council work with King Joffrey and King’s hand Tywin.

“Storms come and go, big fishes eat little fishes and I keep on paddling.”

I believe he is not what he shows himself in front of the people. He will surely have a big agenda in his mind. I cannot say he doesn’t have any infliction towards iron throne or he never wanted to sit on iron Throne.

We will get to know things when the time will come.

“Patience is a key to everything.”

Tyrion Deserves To Be The Hand

Around 11 million have watched 6th season premiere of Game of thrones and it is a record in the history of any television premier.

George R.R Martin has built a kind of sphere, which has taken all of us inside it.

“We don’t watch Game of Thrones, we live inside it and it revolves around us.”

Whether it is Robb Stark or Jaime Lannister, both of them make our eyes sparkle.

From the Pentos to the north of the Wall and beyond that, everyone lives in our dreams and we don’t dare to open our eyes while dreaming them.

As a writer, I want to write about each character, one by one. I, myself love Tyrion Lannister, so I will start from him.

I have not read books yet, but Peter Dinklage surely has done his best to live the Tyrion Lannister’s character.

“Tyrion Lannister, first of his name, son of Tywin Lannister (Lord of the Casterly rocks), hand of Queen Daenerys Targaryen”

Tyrion Lannister is not a lord, prince, or king. People call him imp, half man, dwarf.
His own sister calls him a monster because their mother died during giving him birth on her birthing bed.

His father never wanted to accept him as his son because Tyrion’s size did not match the length of Lannister’s name and family pride.

Nevertheless, he survived the world despite all the odds he has in him.

“Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armour and it can never be used to hurt you.”

He did the same. He never forgets what he is and every person in his life don’t let him forget. He wore the reality like his armour and he never makes himself sad after that.

I can remember a scene when he and Jon snow engaged in a short talk while heading towards the Castle Black.

“Let me give you some advice bastard. Never forget what you are.”
“What the hell do you know about being a bastard?”
“All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes.”

He accepts his flaws, which have existed in him and doesn’t let anyone use them against him.

His brother Jaime Lannister who killed the Mad king in past and a kingslayer at present. His sister Cersei Lannister is the mother queen and queen regent at the king’s landing.

He fights for his rights and speaks up against the wrong. He respects his enemies, he respects the society, he knows the problem, he advises the best advice and he know the things.

‘I drink and I know things. That’s what I do.’

When Joffrey humiliated Sansa in the king’s court, no one dared to speak against him. Tyrion was the only man who stood up and thrashed Joffrey for his act. He even thrashed Joffrey when peasants attacked the royal family after Myrcella Baratheon’s departure to the Dorne.

He has the gut when most of the people lose it in front of any situation. He fought alone when Stannis Baratheon stormed the king’s landing and the King Joffrey hid because of the fear.

“Whatever the price is, I will beat it. I like living.”

He is the person who finds out possibilities from the edge. He never gets afraid from death because he likes living.
He was caught by Catelyn Stark and found himself at the edge of the death. But, he didn’t give up on his imprecise fate.
Again, he was charged with the king Joffrey’s murder and his own father wanted to see him dead.
His beloved ‘Shae’ whom he loved the most was speaking against him and bedding with his father.
Life is very cruel and so the people.

“Let them see that their words can cut you and you will be never free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt with it anymore.”

Tyrion Lannister is a man of his words, he doesn’t need to use his Lannister name to make himself a significant character in audiences eyes. He is funny and smart, both at the same time. He doesn’t have a sword but he has a mind to use.
You can learn how to start a conversation with someone, how to use enemy against another enemy, how to manipulate and how to live your life without any chains and boredom.

*If I find some other relevant point, I would surely write about it. Sorry, if there are grammar mistakes.*