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Is Tyrion into a trouble? Watch New Trailer of GOT S7

Put everything aside. Fuck this world.
There is a new trailer of Game of thrones, season 7. You gonna love this because this is going to give you a large shot of adrenaline and that too, organic.
The moment when it has confirmed in no way Cersei is going to stop her malicious intentions to win every kingdom. Jaime is still with her, her true love. Watching both of them you will be falling in their incestuous love. Such incests they are.
Last Lannisters, proud northerners, Carzy Targeryen and the Sand snakes. More stuffs are waiting for you in this season.
“Oh my gawd, Grey worm got a chance to get laid with Missandei. R.R Martin has to take a bow. Finally we can see Yara and Ellaria sand with each other in lesbian mode. We all know Yara is what and Ellaria is a bisexual. So, by this we can calculate the love.
So, our Targeryen queen has stormed over Dragonstone with her all fighting men and Dragons.
But, why our lion Tyrion is roaming around on a mountain when everyone is in war?
Dragons and dragons but also there are dead walking in trailer. So be ready to see the flares and flesh.
Jon and Littlefinger are busy in arguments and hitting and kicking under the Winterfell (basement).
So, Melisandre, the red witch has gone nowhere but still in the seven kingdom. I can speculate she is in the Dragonstone. Only I can hope.
By the way watch this with your chin up. Because this is a Game of Thrones.


Gilly is an inspiration for whom?

Why Gilly is an inspiration for other female characters who accepted slavery?

Craster was no man at all. Although in the world of ASIAOF, an incest marriage is allowed (Targaryen) but marrying own daughters from ages is not gullible for me.

When I came to know the truth of Craster’s keep, then I totally became insane.

An elderly man who forced himself on girls who supposed to be his own daughters and impregnated them with his own seeds. Was that the wildling way?

But, I could see one hope when I read about Gilly. She is a rebel and fierce in nature. She knew that this Craster was not a godly man and whatever he was doing with her was not a god thing.

None of the wives of Craster dared to speak the truth but she dared to speak against the torture and fled away from that place to save her blood.

She is like an inspiration for those who don’t dare to speak against their own people. People will not help you; if you are not gonna voice yourself.

There are enough Crasters in this world, so try to be a Gilly when the time comes.

Sansa Stark is Braver than Arya Stark?

Sansa Stark is one of the most powerful characters in the Game of thrones like Arya Stark or any other saviors.

We have seen Sansa as a little bird who sings songs of Florian and Jhiquoi and all other goodie-love stories of knights. She also chose her love instead of her father and her family.
But, she was the one who was living inside King’s landing with Lannisters and every other enemy. Arya already escaped the state and barbaric ass-king Joffrey killed Ned.

Only, Sansa was left there alone to save her own head. She might be dumb and stupid as we all think of her but she was also brave to survive.

She had no interest in sword fighting like Arya and we cannot blame her for this. She had been living like a sweet princess since her childhood. She wanted to be a queen but she was not aware of the cruel world, which was waiting outside for her.

I would not say Arya Stark was not a brave one, Sansa had shown no quality of being a fighter before but she made herself a survivor.

Her father didn’t survive the game neither her other and Robb, her brother but without any sword or any wrestle, she won and made a way to Jon Snow.

If she fell in love with Joffrey, it was not her fault. When Joffrey showed his true color, she didn’t want to ship with him.

Without her consent, she was married to Tyrion Lannister. Lord Baelish made fool out of her and she fled to Winterfell with him.

She was raped and repeatedly raped by Ramsay Bolton, the bastard.

She is not a coward. If she is a coward, she could easily commit suicide.

Arya Stark is totally different from Sansa Stark. We cannot compare both of them.

Sansa Stark is also a brave character like Arya and others.






Was Ned the Honourable ‘Fool’ of North?

Game of Thrones: Ned/Eddard Stark

“Ned Stark, Warden of Winterfell, Son of late Rickard Stark, Father of Robb Stark, Hand of the King.”

He is dead because of the burden of honour on his head. He is dead because he played the game on rules and his enemies got ahead of him.

Ned Stark was lord of Winterfell and every Northerner believed him as their king in the North. But what Ned Stark did? He went off with his best friend Robert Baratheon as his Hand to king’s landing.

Ned might be an honourable man but he was a bit mad in following that arrogant king whom he believed as his friend.

Robert started the rebellion against Targaryen, killed most of them, and became King of seven kingdoms. Robert did all this because someone eloped with his ‘Lyanna’.

Ned saw massacre on the name of his sister. He had no guts to tell Robert to stop The Mountain from raping and killing Elia Martell and her children. Where his honour went at that time?

He could save so many lives in Robert’s rebellion but he didn’t try even once. He could save Elia Martell and her children but he could try for once.

“A man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”

Ned Stark was so brave that he could piss off his King but he so fooled to believe whosoever came in his path.

He believed Lord Baelish, he believed Maester Pycelle and he believed Cersei.
In the book, Varys threatened him to accept the crime of treason for saving Sansa’s head. For an ‘honourable’ man like Ned Stark, there is no great honour than family.

But, he could leave his whole pack in Winterfell to live in King’s landing. Where his no great honour than family went off?

He accepted his treason in front of King Joffrey. No one could ever imagine that Joffrey would behave like a bloodthirsty sadist.

None of the Stark shows their interest to sit on Iron Throne, neither Ned nor Robb or Jon Snow.

But, as Lord Baelish said in Season one for Starks-

“Starks! The quick tempers and slow minds.” Is true for Starks.

The first example was Ned Stark.

Now he is dead one and not going to come back to play the game of thrones.

“We should not speak ill of a dead.”

Lyanna Loved Rhaegar?

Game of Thrones- Rhaegar Targaryen

“Rhaegar Targaryen, Eldest son of the Mad king Aerys II, Brother of Daenerys Stormborn, Father of Jon Snow.”

Rhaegar Targaryen is deceased now. However, he is a dead one but, prince Rhaegar is on everyone’s mind. He has mentioned a lot more time in GOT Series.

George R.R. Martin has made it clear that Jon Snow is a son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. So, as the audience, we should know things about Rhaegar Targaryen.

So, let us start from this

1. Born under a bad sign

He was born on the day of Great fire of Summerhall that took the life of his great-grandfather, Aegon V. I have a feeling of this- He was born under a bad sign so his siblings, Daeron, Aegon, Shaena, Jaehaerys, and Viserys couldn’t survive after him as his great-grandfather didn’t make it. Daenerys is an exception.

2. He was a great beauty and soulful singer, as Ser Barriston described him in front of Daenerys. He was a tall, pale skin with silver long hair and purple eyes. He used to sing at the flea bottom in the King’s landing. Ser Barriston guarded him during Rhaegar was singing. Rhaegar was very generous and kind as he spent all his money (earned from his singing shows) on the citizen of flea bottom.

3. He was depicted as a rapist as he abducted Lyanna Stark where she got pregnant. Later on, Rhaegar was smashed by Robert Baratheon in the battle of Trident. Lyanna Stark died on her birth bed after Jon Snow’s birth.

As per my analysis to the scene, Lyanna was not raped by Rhaegar. Might, she fell in love with him after the abduction because Rhaegar’s beauty was not an ordinary. ( Cersei wanted to get marry with him).

If she was raped why would have she saved Jon’ life? As per I can recall the scene, Lyanna whispered something in Ned’s ears in Bran’s vision and we couldn’t hear those words except “Don’t tell Robert.”

4. During the battle of the trident, where Robert Baratheon smashed Rhaegar by his hammer so hard that, rubies from Rhaegar’s armor popped out and scattered into the river.
That spot became Ruby Ford.

5. Some theories told there was some reason behind Lyanna’s abduction and put his child into her belly. According to the book, He was like Melisandre (red woman) and had a vision of white walker. He was a bookish child and he loved to read and to speculate his visions.

Maybe there will be some connections to Jon Snow parents and White walker and everything happened before.