Was Ned the Honourable ‘Fool’ of North?

Game of Thrones: Ned/Eddard Stark

“Ned Stark, Warden of Winterfell, Son of late Rickard Stark, Father of Robb Stark, Hand of the King.”

He is dead because of the burden of honour on his head. He is dead because he played the game on rules and his enemies got ahead of him.

Ned Stark was lord of Winterfell and every Northerner believed him as their king in the North. But what Ned Stark did? He went off with his best friend Robert Baratheon as his Hand to king’s landing.

Ned might be an honourable man but he was a bit mad in following that arrogant king whom he believed as his friend.

Robert started the rebellion against Targaryen, killed most of them, and became King of seven kingdoms. Robert did all this because someone eloped with his ‘Lyanna’.

Ned saw massacre on the name of his sister. He had no guts to tell Robert to stop The Mountain from raping and killing Elia Martell and her children. Where his honour went at that time?

He could save so many lives in Robert’s rebellion but he didn’t try even once. He could save Elia Martell and her children but he could try for once.

“A man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”

Ned Stark was so brave that he could piss off his King but he so fooled to believe whosoever came in his path.

He believed Lord Baelish, he believed Maester Pycelle and he believed Cersei.
In the book, Varys threatened him to accept the crime of treason for saving Sansa’s head. For an ‘honourable’ man like Ned Stark, there is no great honour than family.

But, he could leave his whole pack in Winterfell to live in King’s landing. Where his no great honour than family went off?

He accepted his treason in front of King Joffrey. No one could ever imagine that Joffrey would behave like a bloodthirsty sadist.

None of the Stark shows their interest to sit on Iron Throne, neither Ned nor Robb or Jon Snow.

But, as Lord Baelish said in Season one for Starks-

“Starks! The quick tempers and slow minds.” Is true for Starks.

The first example was Ned Stark.

Now he is dead one and not going to come back to play the game of thrones.

“We should not speak ill of a dead.”


Lyanna Loved Rhaegar?

Game of Thrones- Rhaegar Targaryen

“Rhaegar Targaryen, Eldest son of the Mad king Aerys II, Brother of Daenerys Stormborn, Father of Jon Snow.”

Rhaegar Targaryen is deceased now. However, he is a dead one but, prince Rhaegar is on everyone’s mind. He has mentioned a lot more time in GOT Series.

George R.R. Martin has made it clear that Jon Snow is a son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. So, as the audience, we should know things about Rhaegar Targaryen.

So, let us start from this

1. Born under a bad sign

He was born on the day of Great fire of Summerhall that took the life of his great-grandfather, Aegon V. I have a feeling of this- He was born under a bad sign so his siblings, Daeron, Aegon, Shaena, Jaehaerys, and Viserys couldn’t survive after him as his great-grandfather didn’t make it. Daenerys is an exception.

2. He was a great beauty and soulful singer, as Ser Barriston described him in front of Daenerys. He was a tall, pale skin with silver long hair and purple eyes. He used to sing at the flea bottom in the King’s landing. Ser Barriston guarded him during Rhaegar was singing. Rhaegar was very generous and kind as he spent all his money (earned from his singing shows) on the citizen of flea bottom.

3. He was depicted as a rapist as he abducted Lyanna Stark where she got pregnant. Later on, Rhaegar was smashed by Robert Baratheon in the battle of Trident. Lyanna Stark died on her birth bed after Jon Snow’s birth.

As per my analysis to the scene, Lyanna was not raped by Rhaegar. Might, she fell in love with him after the abduction because Rhaegar’s beauty was not an ordinary. ( Cersei wanted to get marry with him).

If she was raped why would have she saved Jon’ life? As per I can recall the scene, Lyanna whispered something in Ned’s ears in Bran’s vision and we couldn’t hear those words except “Don’t tell Robert.”

4. During the battle of the trident, where Robert Baratheon smashed Rhaegar by his hammer so hard that, rubies from Rhaegar’s armor popped out and scattered into the river.
That spot became Ruby Ford.

5. Some theories told there was some reason behind Lyanna’s abduction and put his child into her belly. According to the book, He was like Melisandre (red woman) and had a vision of white walker. He was a bookish child and he loved to read and to speculate his visions.

Maybe there will be some connections to Jon Snow parents and White walker and everything happened before.

Little Dove! Learn to Befool these Men.

Game of Thrones- Cersei Lannister

“If you call me your sister again and I will strangle you in your sleep.”

Cersei Lannister, wife of Robert Baratheon and the Queen of the seven kingdoms, mother of King and Queen Regent.

She is one of the badass women in the whole series. She is a widow and her children have died. She loves his brother, Jaime Lannister, and her late father, Tywin Lannister.

She has an incestuous relationship with Jaime and she never became a mother of Robert’s son.

According to series, she is not so good and has a bitch character but if you analyse her character closely, you won’t find any of her action without a solid reason.

In her childhood, she fancied Rhaegar Targaryen and she wanted to get married to him but that plan couldn’t go according to her. Then, when Robert became king after the downfall of Targaryens then she promised to Robert Baratheon by Tywin Lannister as a gift.

Cersei always knew that Tywin could see profit in this match that was why she was promised to him.

But, she fell in love (I should say lust) with Jaime already and didn’t want to leave him at any cost. She made his husband’s mind for making Jaime Lannister as a kingslayer.

“Tears are not the only weapon. The best one’s between your legs.”

She knows how to do deal with men and how to control their thirst. She used men like Lancel Lannister for her sexual needs.

When I watched her bedding with Lancel then first thing came in my mind that she was never in love with anyone except her children.

“Love is a weakness. Love no one but your children.”

When she got married to Robert, she wanted to make things better for her and him but after he first wedding night, Robert whispered Lyanna Stark name in her ear.

She knew she would never become Robert’s beloved. There was no fault of her if she took her brother Jaime into Kings landing to continue their relationship.

Robert even thrashed her in front of Ned Stark and always made fun of her in front of everyone by kissing and bedding with whores.

Audience accused her of killing Tyrell family including Margery, Mace, and Loras with High Sparrows but actually, Olenna Tyrell killed her son, Joeffry by poison.

Cersei never tried to kill Ned stark even she told Joeffry to stop the execution.

She never bothered to kill the bastards of Robert Baratheon but Joeffry was the one who ordered to kill each of them.

She never poisoned former king’s hand and lord of Vale, Jon Arryn, Lysa and lord Baelish did it and made Lannisters accused of this crime.

She treated Sansa very nicely and she also told Joeffry to treat her nicely and never slap or mistreat his lady.

She believes in the power of vengeance and she means it all the time.

Cersei doesn’t play with words, she plays with lives of people. She does always what she wants to do with people.

“Power is power.”

She is not bad, but she is the lonely and cold-heart woman. She has no one in her life after her children’s death.

She will do whatever she can do for making herself, queen.

“When You play the game of Thrones, you will win or die. There is no middle ground in it.”

Patience, Whispers, and Power

Game of Thrones- Lord Varys

‘Lord Varys, the master of Whisperers and a councillor of small council at the King’s landing.’

‘I ain’t a lord, so don’t address me as a lord.’

A small boy from Myr, whose master sold him to a sorcerer for gold and the sorcerer, performed his rituals by cutting him, only to hear voices.
Bloodied kid (Varys) was thrown into the streets to die.

“Some doors close forever, others open in most unexpected places.”

Varys determined to live by doing anything. He did every possible and impossible thing to save his life. He started selling his remaining parts for the sexual use. He became perfect in stealing things.

One day, young Varys realised a whisper could be used as a weapon on time and sometimes whisper could make you rich.

He became “the master of whisperer”.

“I am the master of whisperers. My role is to be sly, obsequious, and without scruples.”

After becoming the spider, his name flew through the streets of free cities to slums and then landed on the chair of small council at Kings’s landing.

“The birds sing in the west, the birds sing in the east, if one knows how to listen to it.”

He plays with words and stories. He does what a situation wants from him. He is not a manipulator but he is a player fast enough to play against his enemies.

He knew Ned stark was falsely convicted and caged in the cell.

He went up to him and offered him water and he also told him that he couldn’t do anything for Ned because kings guards had swords in their hands and I didn’t want to lose my head.

He believes in taking revenge but he also knows that a man should be patient enough while making any move.

“Influence grows like a weed. I tended mine patiently.”

He left king’s landing with Tyrion Lannister while saving him after the murder of Tywin Lannister.
He had the idea where to go at the time of distress- To Daenerys Targaryen.

He said what- “I serve the realm.”

Whosoever comes to power, Lord Varys will flow with the power because for him power resides where men believe it resides.

He was with Targaryen then after Robert’s rebellion, he came with him and then after the death of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon, he started his council work with King Joffrey and King’s hand Tywin.

“Storms come and go, big fishes eat little fishes and I keep on paddling.”

I believe he is not what he shows himself in front of the people. He will surely have a big agenda in his mind. I cannot say he doesn’t have any infliction towards iron throne or he never wanted to sit on iron Throne.

We will get to know things when the time will come.

“Patience is a key to everything.”

Tyrion Deserves To Be The Hand

Around 11 million have watched 6th season premiere of Game of thrones and it is a record in the history of any television premier.

George R.R Martin has built a kind of sphere, which has taken all of us inside it.

“We don’t watch Game of Thrones, we live inside it and it revolves around us.”

Whether it is Robb Stark or Jaime Lannister, both of them make our eyes sparkle.

From the Pentos to the north of the Wall and beyond that, everyone lives in our dreams and we don’t dare to open our eyes while dreaming them.

As a writer, I want to write about each character, one by one. I, myself love Tyrion Lannister, so I will start from him.

I have not read books yet, but Peter Dinklage surely has done his best to live the Tyrion Lannister’s character.

“Tyrion Lannister, first of his name, son of Tywin Lannister (Lord of the Casterly rocks), hand of Queen Daenerys Targaryen”

Tyrion Lannister is not a lord, prince, or king. People call him imp, half man, dwarf.
His own sister calls him a monster because their mother died during giving him birth on her birthing bed.

His father never wanted to accept him as his son because Tyrion’s size did not match the length of Lannister’s name and family pride.

Nevertheless, he survived the world despite all the odds he has in him.

“Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armour and it can never be used to hurt you.”

He did the same. He never forgets what he is and every person in his life don’t let him forget. He wore the reality like his armour and he never makes himself sad after that.

I can remember a scene when he and Jon snow engaged in a short talk while heading towards the Castle Black.

“Let me give you some advice bastard. Never forget what you are.”
“What the hell do you know about being a bastard?”
“All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes.”

He accepts his flaws, which have existed in him and doesn’t let anyone use them against him.

His brother Jaime Lannister who killed the Mad king in past and a kingslayer at present. His sister Cersei Lannister is the mother queen and queen regent at the king’s landing.

He fights for his rights and speaks up against the wrong. He respects his enemies, he respects the society, he knows the problem, he advises the best advice and he know the things.

‘I drink and I know things. That’s what I do.’

When Joffrey humiliated Sansa in the king’s court, no one dared to speak against him. Tyrion was the only man who stood up and thrashed Joffrey for his act. He even thrashed Joffrey when peasants attacked the royal family after Myrcella Baratheon’s departure to the Dorne.

He has the gut when most of the people lose it in front of any situation. He fought alone when Stannis Baratheon stormed the king’s landing and the King Joffrey hid because of the fear.

“Whatever the price is, I will beat it. I like living.”

He is the person who finds out possibilities from the edge. He never gets afraid from death because he likes living.
He was caught by Catelyn Stark and found himself at the edge of the death. But, he didn’t give up on his imprecise fate.
Again, he was charged with the king Joffrey’s murder and his own father wanted to see him dead.
His beloved ‘Shae’ whom he loved the most was speaking against him and bedding with his father.
Life is very cruel and so the people.

“Let them see that their words can cut you and you will be never free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name, take it, make it your own. Then they can’t hurt with it anymore.”

Tyrion Lannister is a man of his words, he doesn’t need to use his Lannister name to make himself a significant character in audiences eyes. He is funny and smart, both at the same time. He doesn’t have a sword but he has a mind to use.
You can learn how to start a conversation with someone, how to use enemy against another enemy, how to manipulate and how to live your life without any chains and boredom.

*If I find some other relevant point, I would surely write about it. Sorry, if there are grammar mistakes.*

How You dare, Tanmay?

Dear Tanmay Bhat
A video which was made for The Internet and a video which was made on Snapchat (an app which is not in use by so many Indians…umm probably), has become a subject of debate on major news channels (I don’t give a :poop: to them).
I want to come on video content. Sachin Tendulkar (the make-in-India god’s version) and Lata Mangeshkar Ji (the extinct version of Lata) were the bullseyes in this video. Those two persons who became the targets have got zero problems but all those people who are self-indulged into making fun and puns on private parts and double meaning jokes about females and non-females have got all the world’s worries because of a #Snapchat video.
Half of the India didn’t know about the face-swapping system but now by the grace of Allah (am secular…Bharat Mata ki Jai), my father is asking me about how to use Snapchat.
My father asked me that who was this guy Tanmay Bhat? Is this the same one who made the roast video and same one from AIB (All India Bakwass…I made that sanskari full form for him). And the last question was what the hell is this snapchat? why can’t I use this?
Ahaaa…. Parents!!!
Anupam Kher has acclaimed him as a great #Comedian of this country because he won awards for 9 times as the best comedian. (He is also the best #Chamcha in this country)
I don’t want to talk about #SaffronSaverPartyPatrioticPerson.(too long)
Riteish Deshmukh hahaha.. oh my god he also criticised your video Tanmay because you just crossed the line. (ohahaha. I can’t stop myself) Deshmukh who has done roles in movies like Kya Kool Hain Hum and so-called Indian American Pie (just forgot the names) and has crept me with his unnatural jokes. (Actually, he is himself unnatural).
I think, we the people of India, has got a right to make fun of people.
A country where people give respect to the killer #NathuRamGodse for killing a non-violent Saint Mahatma Gandhi, a country where people rip out people’s intestine just because he ate beef, a country where a person has legal right to rape his own wife, a country where government is celebrating its own #Vikasparv (Development inside the party) rather common people, why did you dare to make a video on Internet?
I just salute your bravery that you put an over controversial video on Internet and really, that was miraculously funny.
Pahlaj Nilhani, man you are just a nut who has already screwed our eyeballs due to unnecessarily cut scenes. Do I want to tell you – How did your parents make out on that day? Didn’t you tell them to cut those parts where your father was going to ejaculate? I mean why he did this to us?
Tanmay Bhat keeps it up. 🙂

कुछ तो था मुझमें

ख्वाहिशों के साये में कदम चले थे लेकिन निशां का ज़िक्र न था
हर दिन जीने की तलब चाह कर, हर दिन के जीने का फ़िक्र न था।

हर दर को दीदार करने की सबब थी, पर दर की ठोकरों की चोट का शिकन न था,
जो रास्तें मंज़िलों तक ले जाती, उन रास्तों पर चलने का ज़ोर न था।

बंजारों की महफ़िल में शाम बिताने की कसक थी, इसीलिए किसी ठिकाने पर अपना मोड़ न था,
यादें जो बाकी रह गयी थी, उन यादों से निकले शोर का का कोई ग़म न था।

रात की गहराइयों में सिर्फ अंधेरा न था, उस दिन अंधेरे से इश्क़ सा होने लगा था,
काली आँखों में छुपे राज का पता न था, लेकिन आँखों से निकला पानी कुछ अपना सा था।

बात ज़ुबां पर आ कर लौट रही, दिल मानने को तैयार न था,
वक़्त की दरकार थी, शायद वापस कभी खुद से मिलना न था।

रोते भी कितना आखिर, आंसुओं का भी सब्र टूट जाता था,
कभी खुद से इतना प्यार था, आज दर्द का भी एहसास न था।