Her son’s Parade

The Parade-
‘Get up and don’t waste your time’, she yelled at Pradhyut.
‘Amma, just two minutes’, he begged to her.
‘No means no. Get up and go for your daily running. How would you participate in upcoming recruitment?’, she snarled and put a bowl of water on his face.
He had to wake up at 4am daily for running. Since his childhood, his mother dreamt of him in Army offficer dress with at least 10 medals pinned on his dress.
She did everything to get him ready for her beloved nation. She had been living in Delhi since 1999 when Pradhyut was about to born. His father died after his birth in Tamil. He never got to know his father but he knew his mother was not only a mother but also a father.
Pradhyut was going to leave her in 7-8 months. She was prepared for that.
‘Amma, today I met a guy. He was a photographer. I loved his camera’, he gave his mother a sly look.
‘You want a camera?’ she asked calmly.
She knew his love for pictures and DSLR. He was so sensitive and so humane inside. She was afraid for him sometimes.
“How would he go for a war?”
“Would he be able to kill anyone if time comes?”
“Not everyone is a beast if he/she pick gun in hands.” She gave herself a nod.
She was going to buy a DSLR for Pradhyut. After all he came first in his parade. Soon, he would be in army dress.

The story of the Hills

The train- 1
The train was 5 hours late from its scheduled timing.
Rafiq was imagining how would he surprise ‘ammi’.
Rafiq was going home and he had got a foolproof plan to give a surprise to ammi.
“Why trains don’t come on time?”, he murmured.
Before 5 years, he came to Delhi.
But for him, Kashmir was his home, ever and forever.
So many eyes were scanning him. When he was coming inside the station, the police guard took him as a foreigner. Rafiq told him that he was a Kashmiri.
“Oh, Kashmiri! What? Muslim?”, police asked him.
‘Yes, Rafiq Adzan.’
‘Are you a pathan?’
‘No, I am kashur.’

The officer passed a smile and let him go inside the station.
That officer was very modest otherwise Rafiq always had to passed the security test for twice.
He never liked this doubly checked system. He was not more than 21 years old and always stood up whenever national anthem played, even inside the movie hall. He didn’t know why people react so differently to him.
“Train no-12***7 has been 5 hours late from its scheduled time.”
He was waiting inside the 1st class waiting room.
He was gritting his teeth and swearing the train. He took out a book and started swapping the pages.
“I am telling you I have no hunger.”
A boy was snarling at his mother in the waiting room corner.
“Beta, eat it”, mother insisted him.
The 10 year old ignored his mother and kept looking at his IPad.
Rafiq remembered the day when he was leaving Daroja for the first time (he was only 16 at that time). He never wanted to leave that heaven but he had to. The hilly terrain, the sweet smelling streets and Ammi.
Rafiq smiled as he remembered the same insisting from his mother when he was leaving for Delhi.
He had to leave the place just for the sake of his study. He was the topper of his school and secured 93 percent in 10th in J&K boards. Finding CBSE school in Daroja so tough because there were very few ones opened.
Ammi was so happy by sending him so far from home. He knew why but he still wanted to go back to Daroja.

Not Afraid

It’s a high time
don’t talk about love and grief
No place of shame and strife
talk about blood and rape
give me some savage tips
talk about mindless jobs
Let’s do hunting
let’s go in pack to tear her apart
Stop that right now because
It’s a high time
don’t talk about saving us
No place to hide and run
talk about blood and rape
I will hunt you down
let’s do violence
let’s do hunting
let’s go in pack to tear them apart
You are a vulnerable thing
see your rosy lips and
now its time for your cheesy butts
I will devour every part
till it contains soul
let’s do hunting together
you are pretty in your panty
and in diapers
and in womb too
Stop that right now because
it’s a high time for us to
bear your wrath
don’t think of afraid version of me
your 5 inch manhood
is in my hand with a fork
looking like a bacon
Come here and snatch it
you useless rabid dog,
This is my rosy lips,
my cheesy butts,
my panty my bra and my blood soaked pads
Watch it till it ends
and I am NO more a prey
I am not your Durga not your kali
I am a woman
Admit it or shove it into your ass
Because it’s a high time to
watch your sins
It’s a high time.

Three years of liar

Three years of enormous hippopotamus sized Government and here we are trying to exist like a minuscule particle. Three years of blatant lies and here we are trying to filter a minute detail about education certificate. Three years of utter foolishness and here we are trying to save our heads from trolls.

Not a single man has ever given me any answers when I ask-

1. What are the three main significant work has been done by Modi Govt?
Ans- When you start watching with open eyes, you can see numerous of works. Like Jan-Dhan Yojna, World Yoga Programme, Beti bachao, Beti Padhao Yojna, GST (yet to come) and last but not least, Swacch Bharat Yojna. Demonetisation was all time great move by him.

If these are the significant works by Modi, the utter liar and blood wrench murderer then there are thousand of unsung programmes which had been running by congress since 1947.

2. What is going on with Make in India?
Ans- Bahubali 2 is the greatest example. VFX designers are all from India and this is the success of Bollywood industry. By the way, Modi ji has done so many foreign trips and the this is only 3 years. “First he needs to understand the tactics and then he will do all things.”

Bahubali 2 is a Bollywood thing, I never knew. VFX designers are working before Modi’s arrival. and foreign trips don’t give guarantee for foreign investment.

3. What about the corruption?
Ans- Demonetisation has done everything. It was a great deal. Because of that move, every single black marketer became naked in front of Indians.

I never saw anyone naked in front of me.

By the way, except maligning the image of India, except maligning name of Hindu culture, except ruining the great leaders of India, except ruining future of Indians, except infecting the brains of “Bhakts” and except provoking youth to kill and murder, this government has done – NOTHING.

If anyone has some answers except showing me some false news clips of 7% development rates and some photoshopped Gujrat toilet images, please provide me some.

Otherwise- दोस्ती बनी रहे बस|

डेमोक्रेसी क्या होता है भाई

देश बदल रहा है, और बदलने की न्यूनतम स्पीड 70साल/एक सरकार के दर से है| इतने सालों बाद किसी बुद्धिजीवी सरकार और तेज तर्रार नेताओं से हमने लोकसभा और राज्यसभा को संवारा है और लगातार हर राज्य के विधानसभा में भी जगह दिए जा रहे हैं|
डेमोक्रेसी क्या होता है भाई? डेमोक्रेसी का मतलब, अमां यार डेमोक्रेसी का मतलब हम जैसे लोग देश का नेता चुने| नेता चुने और चुनते चुनते ये भूल गए कि हर system को balance रखना जरुरी होता है|
हाँ तो क्या हम क्या बैलेंस के करने के चक्कर में देश का बेड़ागर्क करा ले, पिछले तीस हजार सालों से तो पुरे भारत का बेड़ागर्क करा रहे थे| न तो बाबर को “बर्बर” करार किया कभी और न महाराणा प्रताप को “महा” महाराणा प्रताप घोषित किया| सबने श्राप दे दिया इसीलिए हमारी धरती माता गुस्सा हो गयी जिसके वजह से अब infosys और IT कंपनियां लोगो को निकाल रही हैं|
अब आप कहोगे ये कैसे बात है- इसमें धरती माता और आईटी कंपनी का relation हो गया?
अरे जब देश के जवान सीमा पर कश्मीर कश्मीर के खेल में मर सकते हैं और उसी वक़्त बिरयानी और डिप्लोमेसी का रायता खा कर बिना डकार मारें कड़ी निंदा कह कर देश के जख्मों पर जो मरहम लगता है वो गाँधी भी न लगा सके, जब इस तरह की बातों से देश का नाम ऊँचा होता रहे तो बेकार के लॉजिक में नहीं पड़ते हैं|
तीस हज़ार सालों पहले जब राम थे तभी उड़ने वाले जहाज बन गए और इन मुगलों ने क्या किया- देश की मिट्टी खोद खोद कर किसी ने क़ुतुब मीनार बना दी तो कभी ताज महल बना दिया, बस मिट्टी पलीत किया|
EVM देश का ही नहीं विश्व के सबसे पहला मशीन है जिसे खुद ब्रह्मा ने बनाया और कहा ये ऐसी मशीन है जो कभी tamper नहीं की जा सकेगी| और अब EVM टैंपरिंग के आरोप लगा लगा कर इस देश के प्रतापी हिन्दू धर्म और उनके रचियता ब्रह्मा का नाम खराब किया जा रहा है|
“अरविन्द केजरीवाल ने जब 2015 के चुनाव जीते वो भी 67 सीटों पर तब उन्हें क्यों याद नहीं आया कि EVM टैम्पर हो सकते हैं?”
वाह! वाह! क्या सवाल है! जरूर आपने भी अपने माँ- बाप के पैसों से प्राइवेट मोदी Institute से पढाई करा है|
इसका तो जवाब बड़ा भारी है- वो क्या है न अरविन्द ने चुनाव जीता था तो कोई भी जीता हुआ बंदा शिकायत नहीं करता, शिकायत वो करता है जिसे शक होता है और उस वक़्त शिकायत दूसरों को करनी थी|
कोई बात नहीं, होता है ऐसे |
जिस प्रगाढ़ता से आरएसएस (RSS) गाँधी, नेहरू और कांग्रेस को गालियां देती है उससे तो यही लगता है कि राष्ट्रपिता सावरकर बनते बनते रह गए थे और हेडगेवार ने आज़ादी की लड़ाई में कितने संघर्ष किये थे|
Logic तो है नहीं जी किसी बात में, हमें क्या लेना है logic से| अगर EVM गड़बड़ है तो होने दे न कोण सा अरविन्द ने प्रधान मंत्री बनना है और कोण सा हमने कुछ और करना है|
इंडिया है ये यहाँ तो सब ऐसे ही चलता है जी!

Sorry Guys

Character assassination
Kill someone and the person will not feel pain after death. But assassin someone’s character and the person will never forget till her/his death.
“She is a slut.”
“She slept with her teacher.”
“She got the job by some other means. You can reckon those means.”
“He molested that girl.”
“He cheats everyone.”

These kind of false exaggeration of situations to ruin one’s image is very easily and very inhumane in nature. I am not talking about everyone but yeah I have accounted many stories.
I was the victim of this thing and it hurt me a lot.
These kind of things are created by your close one, by your so-called friend and sometime by your rival just to humiliate you, hurt you and defeat you.
Today, I will not share my story because of some reason but yes I will share one thing for sure. When I came to college just to find out what the world had become. The students were not only the back-biters but also the teachers. I found out how these people had sold their soul. They were always in a try to check out faults and errors in students and not related to stud, related to personal life.
I remembered, a guy told me about my classmate- Did you know she got the job?
Me- Then what should I do?
He- She is not worthy of that.
Me- How did you know?
He- Don’t you know she just slept with that teacher?
Me- Did you see both of them sleeping and cuddling?
He- No. Of course not. But I just got to hear that.
She- I have also got a job and I want to inquire if you hear that I have slept with someone?
He- You are a deserving lady.
She- Just fuck off dude. I know what we are and what we deserve. People like you don’t deserve to live with us.

People like us are the reason behind someone’s ruined life. What other did as gossiping and we took everything as “Satya Vachan” and spread the rumours. I have seen so many people who couldn’t face the world and shut themselves in a closet.
They have every right to live whether they sleep with someone or not, whether they did some mean jobs or not. They have every right because they are not coming to talk with you and not going to talk with you ever. So just take care of your business.

So, today I am gonna say sorry to all who have experienced these kind of things. Stay strong and erase all of them.

Strangers and life

Don’t make a distance from strangers”.
Since our birth till our death, we always surround by strangers and we keep making relations with those strangers as our parents, our relatives or friends.
Making friends is not a big deal but it takes a lot of courage to keep faith on a stranger. I did this brave work a lot of time.
When I went to the stranger city to complete my studies after 10th, it made afraid. However, I decided to make friends because it was hard to be alone for me. I tried my best to make someone my friend but it failed. In school, whenever I tried to talk people started talking about homework and Trigonometry. I hate that and I felt isolation.
Same thing happened in coaching where in the time period of 4 hours, I could never get 4 minutes to talk to anyone.
When I complained this to my parents that I ain’t able to study because I am alone.
“What do you need? You have enough books.”
“Friends will spoil you.”
“Keep studying”
Trust me, I was so alone and it was hard to survive there. Nobody should live alone and I was the nobody.
I couldn’t find and when I found some people it was hard to describe the situation. Although that was another story and soon will recite them.
But, please take care of yourself and your future generation. If someone doesn’t have friends it means there are some problems and you need to discuss it.
My two years were so bad that I could pray it should never happen with anyone else.