The story of the Hills

The train- 1
The train was 5 hours late from its scheduled timing.
Rafiq was imagining how would he surprise ‘ammi’.
Rafiq was going home and he had got a foolproof plan to give a surprise to ammi.
“Why trains don’t come on time?”, he murmured.
Before 5 years, he came to Delhi.
But for him, Kashmir was his home, ever and forever.
So many eyes were scanning him. When he was coming inside the station, the police guard took him as a foreigner. Rafiq told him that he was a Kashmiri.
“Oh, Kashmiri! What? Muslim?”, police asked him.
‘Yes, Rafiq Adzan.’
‘Are you a pathan?’
‘No, I am kashur.’

The officer passed a smile and let him go inside the station.
That officer was very modest otherwise Rafiq always had to passed the security test for twice.
He never liked this doubly checked system. He was not more than 21 years old and always stood up whenever national anthem played, even inside the movie hall. He didn’t know why people react so differently to him.
“Train no-12***7 has been 5 hours late from its scheduled time.”
He was waiting inside the 1st class waiting room.
He was gritting his teeth and swearing the train. He took out a book and started swapping the pages.
“I am telling you I have no hunger.”
A boy was snarling at his mother in the waiting room corner.
“Beta, eat it”, mother insisted him.
The 10 year old ignored his mother and kept looking at his IPad.
Rafiq remembered the day when he was leaving Daroja for the first time (he was only 16 at that time). He never wanted to leave that heaven but he had to. The hilly terrain, the sweet smelling streets and Ammi.
Rafiq smiled as he remembered the same insisting from his mother when he was leaving for Delhi.
He had to leave the place just for the sake of his study. He was the topper of his school and secured 93 percent in 10th in J&K boards. Finding CBSE school in Daroja so tough because there were very few ones opened.
Ammi was so happy by sending him so far from home. He knew why but he still wanted to go back to Daroja.


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