Three years of liar

Three years of enormous hippopotamus sized Government and here we are trying to exist like a minuscule particle. Three years of blatant lies and here we are trying to filter a minute detail about education certificate. Three years of utter foolishness and here we are trying to save our heads from trolls.

Not a single man has ever given me any answers when I ask-

1. What are the three main significant work has been done by Modi Govt?
Ans- When you start watching with open eyes, you can see numerous of works. Like Jan-Dhan Yojna, World Yoga Programme, Beti bachao, Beti Padhao Yojna, GST (yet to come) and last but not least, Swacch Bharat Yojna. Demonetisation was all time great move by him.

If these are the significant works by Modi, the utter liar and blood wrench murderer then there are thousand of unsung programmes which had been running by congress since 1947.

2. What is going on with Make in India?
Ans- Bahubali 2 is the greatest example. VFX designers are all from India and this is the success of Bollywood industry. By the way, Modi ji has done so many foreign trips and the this is only 3 years. “First he needs to understand the tactics and then he will do all things.”

Bahubali 2 is a Bollywood thing, I never knew. VFX designers are working before Modi’s arrival. and foreign trips don’t give guarantee for foreign investment.

3. What about the corruption?
Ans- Demonetisation has done everything. It was a great deal. Because of that move, every single black marketer became naked in front of Indians.

I never saw anyone naked in front of me.

By the way, except maligning the image of India, except maligning name of Hindu culture, except ruining the great leaders of India, except ruining future of Indians, except infecting the brains of “Bhakts” and except provoking youth to kill and murder, this government has done – NOTHING.

If anyone has some answers except showing me some false news clips of 7% development rates and some photoshopped Gujrat toilet images, please provide me some.

Otherwise- दोस्ती बनी रहे बस|


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