Sorry Guys

Character assassination
Kill someone and the person will not feel pain after death. But assassin someone’s character and the person will never forget till her/his death.
“She is a slut.”
“She slept with her teacher.”
“She got the job by some other means. You can reckon those means.”
“He molested that girl.”
“He cheats everyone.”

These kind of false exaggeration of situations to ruin one’s image is very easily and very inhumane in nature. I am not talking about everyone but yeah I have accounted many stories.
I was the victim of this thing and it hurt me a lot.
These kind of things are created by your close one, by your so-called friend and sometime by your rival just to humiliate you, hurt you and defeat you.
Today, I will not share my story because of some reason but yes I will share one thing for sure. When I came to college just to find out what the world had become. The students were not only the back-biters but also the teachers. I found out how these people had sold their soul. They were always in a try to check out faults and errors in students and not related to stud, related to personal life.
I remembered, a guy told me about my classmate- Did you know she got the job?
Me- Then what should I do?
He- She is not worthy of that.
Me- How did you know?
He- Don’t you know she just slept with that teacher?
Me- Did you see both of them sleeping and cuddling?
He- No. Of course not. But I just got to hear that.
She- I have also got a job and I want to inquire if you hear that I have slept with someone?
He- You are a deserving lady.
She- Just fuck off dude. I know what we are and what we deserve. People like you don’t deserve to live with us.

People like us are the reason behind someone’s ruined life. What other did as gossiping and we took everything as “Satya Vachan” and spread the rumours. I have seen so many people who couldn’t face the world and shut themselves in a closet.
They have every right to live whether they sleep with someone or not, whether they did some mean jobs or not. They have every right because they are not coming to talk with you and not going to talk with you ever. So just take care of your business.

So, today I am gonna say sorry to all who have experienced these kind of things. Stay strong and erase all of them.


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