Strangers and life

Don’t make a distance from strangers”.
Since our birth till our death, we always surround by strangers and we keep making relations with those strangers as our parents, our relatives or friends.
Making friends is not a big deal but it takes a lot of courage to keep faith on a stranger. I did this brave work a lot of time.
When I went to the stranger city to complete my studies after 10th, it made afraid. However, I decided to make friends because it was hard to be alone for me. I tried my best to make someone my friend but it failed. In school, whenever I tried to talk people started talking about homework and Trigonometry. I hate that and I felt isolation.
Same thing happened in coaching where in the time period of 4 hours, I could never get 4 minutes to talk to anyone.
When I complained this to my parents that I ain’t able to study because I am alone.
“What do you need? You have enough books.”
“Friends will spoil you.”
“Keep studying”
Trust me, I was so alone and it was hard to survive there. Nobody should live alone and I was the nobody.
I couldn’t find and when I found some people it was hard to describe the situation. Although that was another story and soon will recite them.
But, please take care of yourself and your future generation. If someone doesn’t have friends it means there are some problems and you need to discuss it.
My two years were so bad that I could pray it should never happen with anyone else.


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