School, a Laboratory

There is a much more difference between being a father and being as a father.
Our society takes school as a laboratory where a child becomes disciplined and obedient, but my father never approved this theory. So, I studied at home till I was 10. I got admission in school in class 5th for the very first time. I had studied so many things and of course religious books too. I was running ahead of the school course, actually.
Before taking admission, I was the most innocent child and didn’t even have any idea how to make a fuss. But after the admission, almost every teacher had got complaint about me.
That’s not the actual story. Story started when I was in 11th class, the most toughest situation of my life. I got passing marks in my finals. Some so-called reformers called my father that I have become a devil. My father came and forced me to go home. I was stunned from his behaviour.
However, we went to principal office for my transfer certificate. But, my principal didn’t seem a easy person and made us to spill our very reason behind my TC.
He patted me on my head and said I would keep you like my daughter and promise me you will study so hard.
I was a devil and I told yeah, I will.
After 3 long moths, my parents called- What did you do with Principal now? He called us to take you back. You abused some mayor’s son? He told us he couldn’t keep you as daughter now?

Hah, I knew none could do this unbearbale job except my Pappa.
Although, I would abuse any person who abuses girls and their rights. By the way, I got suspension letter from my Pretending father (principal) because I abused that scum.


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