Captain is right, roger that Stark

“Even if the whole world is telling you to move. It is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, to look them in the eye and say, no, you move.”- Sharon Carter

Although, I ain’t a big fan of Captain America but yes Cap has given me some major goals on how to keep yourself stand beside right thing.

Barnes aka Bucky might became maniac time to time but he never wanted to commit those crimes. He was made ‘winter soldier’ for creating panic and chaos in the world. He murdered Howard Stark and Mary Stark not because he wanted to, because he was made to do it.

Tony Stark’s emotion for taking revenge overpowered on him in Siberia (end of the movie) and that was not expected from him. He is the Iron Man and he didn’t suppose to take decisions on the emotions. (I cried when I saw Mary got killed)

T’Challa aka Black Panther’s father was also killed in bomb explosion at Vienna. But he left his vengeance behind and caught the real culprit.

Cap did right and I am totally against the Sokovia accord bullshit and the monopoly of Tony over that. He signed it and took decision before making things clear. Without having any debate within core members, without telling about Ross visit, he forced everyone to sign it. Charlie Spencer was killed in Sokovia but that doesn’t mean Avengers are the killers. On the first place, if they didn’t turn to help civilians, everyone would have doomed.

Fighting against wrong , thats what Avengers do. United Nation wanted to sign an accord because 117 countries had agreed that Avengers need supervision. Cap didn’t want to sign just because United Nation is not a table acquired by some 117 selfless leaders.

For Stark may be the flicker of ink doesn’t matter but for Avengers it matters the most. I ain’t saying Tony is an arrogant piece of stark but yes, Roger is not wrong.

I hope next time, I would see Avengers with Stark.



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