Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war

Many of the people in this society mock politics and politicians because they are so fucking ignorant with their own so-called busy life. They think politics is uncalled thing for them. But, you don’t know when it engulfs you inside it like a black hole.
“I believe in God.”
Why the hell you believe in things that has no existent at all? But yeah see, I respect your beliefs and culture and I am not gonna shoot you or curse you just because you like it.

I don’t give a cent to any of the gods or any of the religion or any of the goddamn supernatural thing. And, same rule applies with you too.
I am always asked by people if you are so much interested in politics why don’t you join it?
It is like you like a dog so much, why don’t you transform into one? Is this logical?
Entering politics means what? Is that being a Member of Parliament or member of Assembly or having a state department?
What do you mean by entering into politics?
Do you vote? If yes then yeah you are into it too. And if you don’t vote then don’t give me a lecture about politics because you don’t have any right to speak in front of me. Ain’t you a lazy ass?

Quoting Aristotle- “by nature, man is a political animal.”
So, I am a human being by the grace of nature and I am a political too.
But, I don’t want to go and campaigning like a nincompoop because I know what you all are made up of.
Why would someone in their right mind ever want to sacrifice anything for a pack of shit like you?
And, if you think something is happening bad to you because of the system just go and flush your mouth before speaking a word.
Many of you will one day get a work visa from some developed country and you will soon start your packing bags. I know you start your country like many of us, you also love to boast off nation’s good thing but at the same time you also start maneuver your skills to find out a way to fly away.
I don’t believe in you because you are the worst thing ever happened to us. You are not gonna change anything.
Now, some of you also asked me- What things you did for society? Why do you have so much problem? You always criticise things.
Yeah, I criticise because I am in my conscience and I know I am right just like you think you are right.
What I did for society, then I would say I am still saving my hopes and energy to make things better for our next generation.
What I did for this society that I never give up on my dreams to see everything green.
You did what? Supporting false news, having perogative thinking towards some sections of this society, playing propagandas on the name of change, hoping for saffronisation, islamic radicalisation or baptisation of the world. I feel pity for you guys.
Julius Ceaser was the king of whom everyone of us know.
He said- “Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword.”
If you still think Ceaser was wrong, Aristotle was wrong, then you should re-visit a library with a brain.

Guys, sorry for every harsh word, but not everyone has privilege to change because they don’t want to. We cannot help them. But, surely we can help us.
Don’t give up and keep the head high as much as you can. We will win and surely change will come.
Fight till the body stands.


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