Gilly is an inspiration for whom?

Why Gilly is an inspiration for other female characters who accepted slavery?

Craster was no man at all. Although in the world of ASIAOF, an incest marriage is allowed (Targaryen) but marrying own daughters from ages is not gullible for me.

When I came to know the truth of Craster’s keep, then I totally became insane.

An elderly man who forced himself on girls who supposed to be his own daughters and impregnated them with his own seeds. Was that the wildling way?

But, I could see one hope when I read about Gilly. She is a rebel and fierce in nature. She knew that this Craster was not a godly man and whatever he was doing with her was not a god thing.

None of the wives of Craster dared to speak the truth but she dared to speak against the torture and fled away from that place to save her blood.

She is like an inspiration for those who don’t dare to speak against their own people. People will not help you; if you are not gonna voice yourself.

There are enough Crasters in this world, so try to be a Gilly when the time comes.


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