Sansa Stark is Braver than Arya Stark?

Sansa Stark is one of the most powerful characters in the Game of thrones like Arya Stark or any other saviors.

We have seen Sansa as a little bird who sings songs of Florian and Jhiquoi and all other goodie-love stories of knights. She also chose her love instead of her father and her family.
But, she was the one who was living inside King’s landing with Lannisters and every other enemy. Arya already escaped the state and barbaric ass-king Joffrey killed Ned.

Only, Sansa was left there alone to save her own head. She might be dumb and stupid as we all think of her but she was also brave to survive.

She had no interest in sword fighting like Arya and we cannot blame her for this. She had been living like a sweet princess since her childhood. She wanted to be a queen but she was not aware of the cruel world, which was waiting outside for her.

I would not say Arya Stark was not a brave one, Sansa had shown no quality of being a fighter before but she made herself a survivor.

Her father didn’t survive the game neither her other and Robb, her brother but without any sword or any wrestle, she won and made a way to Jon Snow.

If she fell in love with Joffrey, it was not her fault. When Joffrey showed his true color, she didn’t want to ship with him.

Without her consent, she was married to Tyrion Lannister. Lord Baelish made fool out of her and she fled to Winterfell with him.

She was raped and repeatedly raped by Ramsay Bolton, the bastard.

She is not a coward. If she is a coward, she could easily commit suicide.

Arya Stark is totally different from Sansa Stark. We cannot compare both of them.

Sansa Stark is also a brave character like Arya and others.







2 thoughts on “Sansa Stark is Braver than Arya Stark?”

  1. I’m always pleased to see someone sticking up for Sansa Stark, who is often maligned for the mistakes she made as a child. I don’t mind comparisons between Sansa and her sister Arya, they’re indeed very different, but I’ve always considered them two sides of the same coin.

    Thanks for the Sansa-focused post!

    Liked by 1 person

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