Major plot changing in Game Of Thrones

Novels and series based on novels are totally indifferent from each other. I have read every book related to Harry Potter and have watched every single movie based on the book.

I found so many differences between movie plot and novel plot. I read books first and watched movies later so that I was able to find out the variations.

These variations existed not only in Harry Potter but also in other popular series, which are going on these days. Game of thrones, which is a great series on ancient history written by George R.R. Martin has also got variations in plots.

  1. Series name was not ‘The Game of Throne’.

Martin had written seven books and neither of them was titled as Game of Thrones. The title was- A song of ice and fire and then there were parts of it.


  1. Daenerys was bald

Daenerys couldn’t burn inside the pyre but her hair got burned and she became bald in the book. In the TV series, only her clothes were burned.

Personally, I think directors could have made Emilia bald in the show and it would create more buzz.


  1. Arya is a warg

Arya was warging as a wolf inside the book but in the show, there was no mentioning of warging or Nymeria. In the show, there is no hint about Nymeria or any she-wolf who has become a leader of a pack. Inside the book, there is mentioning about Nymeria from time to time.


  1. Best friend of Sansa Stark

If you read the books, you could find a girl named Jeyne Pool who was Sansa’s friend and every time they could find with each other. But after, Ned Stark death, Jeyne Pool was taken as a captive on the orders of Cersei and transferred to somewhere else outside of the King’s Landing(more probably to some brothel) by lord Baelish aka Littlefinger.

Inside the show, there is no Jeyne Pool or no best friend of Sansa. If GOT director showed Jeyne Pool, then it would have an excellent scene to see the cruelty of Baelish on such a small girl.


  1. Doreah

In the GOT, Doreah betrayed Daenerys and killed Irri for Xaro in the Quarth. Even she slept with him for money. Daenerys found out her and she punished her by abandoning her inside an unbreakable locker with Xaro.

However, in the book, Doreah was dead because of fever somewhere before reaching the Quarth.  Daenerys was waking up all night and trying to cool Doreah’s hot brows with water.


Will be continued with much more plot changing.


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