Was Ned the Honourable ‘Fool’ of North?

Game of Thrones: Ned/Eddard Stark

“Ned Stark, Warden of Winterfell, Son of late Rickard Stark, Father of Robb Stark, Hand of the King.”

He is dead because of the burden of honour on his head. He is dead because he played the game on rules and his enemies got ahead of him.

Ned Stark was lord of Winterfell and every Northerner believed him as their king in the North. But what Ned Stark did? He went off with his best friend Robert Baratheon as his Hand to king’s landing.

Ned might be an honourable man but he was a bit mad in following that arrogant king whom he believed as his friend.

Robert started the rebellion against Targaryen, killed most of them, and became King of seven kingdoms. Robert did all this because someone eloped with his ‘Lyanna’.

Ned saw massacre on the name of his sister. He had no guts to tell Robert to stop The Mountain from raping and killing Elia Martell and her children. Where his honour went at that time?

He could save so many lives in Robert’s rebellion but he didn’t try even once. He could save Elia Martell and her children but he could try for once.

“A man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”

Ned Stark was so brave that he could piss off his King but he so fooled to believe whosoever came in his path.

He believed Lord Baelish, he believed Maester Pycelle and he believed Cersei.
In the book, Varys threatened him to accept the crime of treason for saving Sansa’s head. For an ‘honourable’ man like Ned Stark, there is no great honour than family.

But, he could leave his whole pack in Winterfell to live in King’s landing. Where his no great honour than family went off?

He accepted his treason in front of King Joffrey. No one could ever imagine that Joffrey would behave like a bloodthirsty sadist.

None of the Stark shows their interest to sit on Iron Throne, neither Ned nor Robb or Jon Snow.

But, as Lord Baelish said in Season one for Starks-

“Starks! The quick tempers and slow minds.” Is true for Starks.

The first example was Ned Stark.

Now he is dead one and not going to come back to play the game of thrones.

“We should not speak ill of a dead.”


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