How You dare, Tanmay?

Dear Tanmay Bhat
A video which was made for The Internet and a video which was made on Snapchat (an app which is not in use by so many Indians…umm probably), has become a subject of debate on major news channels (I don’t give a :poop: to them).
I want to come on video content. Sachin Tendulkar (the make-in-India god’s version) and Lata Mangeshkar Ji (the extinct version of Lata) were the bullseyes in this video. Those two persons who became the targets have got zero problems but all those people who are self-indulged into making fun and puns on private parts and double meaning jokes about females and non-females have got all the world’s worries because of a #Snapchat video.
Half of the India didn’t know about the face-swapping system but now by the grace of Allah (am secular…Bharat Mata ki Jai), my father is asking me about how to use Snapchat.
My father asked me that who was this guy Tanmay Bhat? Is this the same one who made the roast video and same one from AIB (All India Bakwass…I made that sanskari full form for him). And the last question was what the hell is this snapchat? why can’t I use this?
Ahaaa…. Parents!!!
Anupam Kher has acclaimed him as a great #Comedian of this country because he won awards for 9 times as the best comedian. (He is also the best #Chamcha in this country)
I don’t want to talk about #SaffronSaverPartyPatrioticPerson.(too long)
Riteish Deshmukh hahaha.. oh my god he also criticised your video Tanmay because you just crossed the line. (ohahaha. I can’t stop myself) Deshmukh who has done roles in movies like Kya Kool Hain Hum and so-called Indian American Pie (just forgot the names) and has crept me with his unnatural jokes. (Actually, he is himself unnatural).
I think, we the people of India, has got a right to make fun of people.
A country where people give respect to the killer #NathuRamGodse for killing a non-violent Saint Mahatma Gandhi, a country where people rip out people’s intestine just because he ate beef, a country where a person has legal right to rape his own wife, a country where government is celebrating its own #Vikasparv (Development inside the party) rather common people, why did you dare to make a video on Internet?
I just salute your bravery that you put an over controversial video on Internet and really, that was miraculously funny.
Pahlaj Nilhani, man you are just a nut who has already screwed our eyeballs due to unnecessarily cut scenes. Do I want to tell you – How did your parents make out on that day? Didn’t you tell them to cut those parts where your father was going to ejaculate? I mean why he did this to us?
Tanmay Bhat keeps it up. 🙂


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