Why I am Like this?

One day I was alone inside my closet because of a ghost,
I was crying inside the closet when my mind lost,
None came for rescuing me from that dark place,
I stayed there for years and failed to find solace,
Mamma, you were not there to tell me to not to freak,
I was sobbing and remembering my days when I used to be a treak,
Once, people around me smiled with me, laughed at my jokes
but, without giving me a reason, they ridiculed and made me a joke,
Sleeping without sleep in eyes, breathing but my throat was choked,
Crying without tears, and pain inside was mocked
by those people,
I was living in the closet for years because of the unseen ghost,
Things changed, and so I did to get rid of the most
of the fears reaped in me and frightened me to take a step,
Mamma, I have erased the fear and made that ghost to rep
  Ruchi Roy.


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