Zootopia- An explainable courage to be a First

I want to write something and that is why I am writing this piece. I have confusion about a specific topic to write upon but right now I finished watching a very amazing movie, Zootopia and yeah, it was amazing and extremely creative.

It was an animated movie, totally anthropomorphic but still sensed a lot like other. Actually, I always love animated movies and their stories because all are supposed to be our imagination and we know we have to power to imagine endless things, any impossible thing.

In this movie, what things have shown are courage to be a change, courage to be a different, courage to be none the less, courage to be the First, and courage to be a good creature on the first note.

It influenced me a lot more than any Superhero movie or any SRK movie. I certainly believe in myself but I was never like this before a time ago. I was not this that what I am now. I hoped to be a small little cute responsible and lovable girl or woman, you can say anything.  I was supposed to be a good friend of everyone and I always was hoping for to be one but trust, this word was the pain in my ass and still pain is in me somewhere and picking my dearth emotions.

This movie showed me how you should not be someone else’s dream, don’t go for someone else’ words and just watch yourself and see yourself. You can take it as inspirational and repetitive lectures like every saint blabbers on, but for FYI, it is not an inspirational mantra.

I can swear if you watch this movie you would take a good nap tonight because it set a perfect example how can we make this earth day a DAY.



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